Day of Infamy review

Every once in a while I check steam for World War II game releases, I finally decided to buy Days of Infamy and it certainly hasn’t gone under my radar. In fact, I bought the game Insurgency just because of the mod by the same name.

Days of Infamy was developed as mod for Insurgency back in 2016, but has since then become a stand-alone game which I wanted to check out.

When I first booted up the game it asked me to install a anti-cheat program, which in itself is fine, but I wish it came preinstalled with the game, not something that I had to install seperately after already having installed the game – In the end it doesn’t matter too much, as I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve reinstalled “PunkBuster” for Battlefield 1942.

As with any Indie, WWII shooter, it was quite a gamble to buy this game, as I had no idea how many players would be playing it, it seems like there’s a lot of WWII shooters coming out lately. Day of Infamy, obviously, Days of War, Battalion 1944, Fog of War among others.

“Yesterday, Dec 7. 1941 – a day which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt

A quick look at the server browser revealed that there were about some 1000 people playing which had me pleasently surprised – more than what I found on its contender, the early access game, Days of War.

There’s no minimap, no weird kind of radar showing where the shots come from, not even a killcam. Something that honestly takes a bit of getting used to for me, because I’m a hugh fan of the minimap whenever I play shooters.

The game seems extremely hardcore, which I don’t know if I like, hate or both.

When I was looking at the game on Steam I noticed you could buy “special” units. There’s ranks, but there’s no weapon unlocks attached to them. Instead you get units, which in reality just changes your characters appearance – I think.

Like Days of War, Day of Infamy is inspired by Day of Defeat – goddamn so many days – which to be honest, I think it has a pretty good chance of becoming the next predecessor. There’s voice chat within the game, which I am a big fan of, but it also enables a lot of trolls.

Day of Infamy was officially released on Steam out of Early Access 2 days ago.

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