Forgotten Hope 2: Ahead of its time?

With all these new World War II games being released recently I decided to take a look back at “Forgotten Hope 2” – a WWII total conversion modification for Battlefield 2 which could almost be considered a game in its own right – and the best part about it? It’s free, as long as you own Battlefield 2. (which is now also free to play after it became abondonware)

I first started playing Forgotten Hope 2 back in 2014, so I have never really experienced it in its primetime. The mod does have a few issues attached to it, they could be related to the game engine – Most notable when you jump and you’re unable to aim for a good second afterwards – Most of the players who play now have probably been playing this for years, therefore it’s quite disappointing whenever I play and all they do is laying around with S-mines (I usually refer to them as shit-mines, also known as a Bouncing Bettys) my teammates usually place them in spots preventing me from actually moving where I want to – I sometimes wonder why they didn’t add a tent to the mod.

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The mod is still being updated, recently Finland[link] and the U.S.S.R. were added to the mix of countries to play in a hugh update. I haven’t seen any new games even attempt, or come close to adding new countries – they always stick to the primary big ones that’s always associated with WWII – being the US, the Commonwealth, Germany and the U.S.S.R. Of course. I have only seen Finland in one other mod, FinnWars[link] developed by IceFlake Studios[link] for BF1942. I would not be surprised if Forgotten Hope 2 developed into its own standalone at some point in the near future.

The mod focuses on realism and historical accuracy, but seems to forget about the fun factor sometimes – tanking – which I really enjoy the most, often takes forever, because the tanks are so goddamn slow. Whenever you finally reach the combat area you usually get one-shot by something hiding behind a bush, that’s either stronger than you, or better yet, you don’t even penetrade the thing! (ew gross)

The mod includes 45 diffrent maps. Scattered across the West front, East front and North Africa.

I love the Forgotten Hope 2 website especially the vehicles list[link] and graphic design is very reminiscent of the long gone – first official website – of Battlefield 1942.

If you are into massive large scale campaigns you should definitely check out the Forgotten Honor campaigns[link] – they sometimes use custom maps created specifically for their events – they’re quite popular and sometimes have more players than the regular Forgotten Hope 2. At the time of writing this there’s 198 players signed up for the campaigns.

Forgotten Hope 2 has its own launcher (I don’t actually know if it works with the one The Revive Network made) unfortunately there’s only really ever 1 or 2 active servers.

Forgotten Hope 2 even has its own – fanmade custom maps – attached to it.

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