There’s no war

I always get frustrated when fans think there’s a war between Battlefield and Call of Duty – I grew up with Battlefield – I cannot hide that fact, but it doesn’t mean I have to hate Call of Duty. I found some of the early games really enjoyable, I will never forget the day they made me throw a potato away in Call of Duty 2!

I always hear so-called “Battlefielders” complain about how Call of Duty is only for 10 year old kids, I started playing Battlefield when I was around the same age. – I can however understand why people find it annoying when little kids are screaming in the Voice chat. I find that annoying myself as well.

But there’s no war between the 2 games, I mean c’mon they have diffrent kinds of fanbases – even  though I grew up with Battlefield and started playing it long before Call of Duty I will be the first one to admit that the Call of Duty campaigns are way better than those of Battlefield. Especially the first games where Call of Duty actually had a campaign while Battlefield did not have one untill Battlefield Bad Company.

Earlier today it was leaked – or at least hinted – that Call of Duty is going back to its roots – World War II more specifically – could it be fake though?

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