Battlefield 2: “You fool!”

The Revive Network – the network with a slightly generic name – is probably known to many as “the great salvation” of Battlefield 2. Personally I love it, but there’s something I dont understand, why did they call their website[link] Personally I think it is too similar to EA and DICE who actually abandoned and left the game to die, if there’s one thing I have learned about Battlefield fans it’s the fact that they’re always persistent. I wish EA and DICE would have contacted the fans – like they said they would- before they stopped supporting the games, and not the other way around.

There used to be another big community behind the saving of Battlefield 2 aswell,
– I dont know if it was related to Revive – It was called BF2Hub[link] judging by their website it seems like they went downunder, however I dont think there’s any reason to compete about saving the same game. Perhaps this is why Revive looked into Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield Vietnam.

In 2014 EA and DICE stopped supporting Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. – All the classic Battlefields – the games that actually got me into this franchise in the first place,  the games are strictly being supported by the community now.

When Battlefield 2, which by the way is the 3rd game of the series, was released, I think I was too busy playing Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield Vietnam. I did however play Battlefield 2 back in the beginning.

I have to be honest and say I dont know a lot about Battlefield 2, I thought the game would actually be dead relatively quickly when it was first released. Because I didn’t really enjoy it I thought nobody else playing would either. I played around 250 hours of it in total.

Battlefield 2 (released 2005)
Battlefield 2 introduced a new feature, the stats and ranking system to the mix. Medals, ribbons, badges – All the things that get boring after a while.

Battefield 2 introduced the “Commander” This allowed the player to get a quick overview of what was going on around the map, as well as issuing orders and resources to squads. Everyone can become a Commander – but higher ranks take priority.

Battlefield 2 introduced “Squads” which allowed up to (6  or more) players in a group to play together, there’s a total limit to 9 squads in total. The squadleaders could request and give orders as well as serving as a mobile spawnpoint for other members of the squad.

Some servers included something called “Battle Recorder” An built-in game recorder that recorded matches for replays, the files came out in .AVI format and could only be downloaded from a server supporting it.

Battlefield 2 includes 7 classes: Assault, Medic, Anti-Tank, Engineer, Support, Special Forces and Sniper.

Battlefield 2 has 3 expanions packs: Special Forces, Euro Forces and Armored Fury.

I am not surprised that there’s a competitive scene in Battlefield 2, however I was quite surprised to see that there’s still one active in 2017. – Unfortunately – something I’ve noticed is the fact that it doesn’t seem as organized as the one of Battlefield 1942. – There doesn’t seem to be any specific dates as to when they play, so I cannot even post them here. It all seems to be random 4vs4s for the most part.

They recently started a 5vs5 cup which you can follow here[link]

If there’s one thing I wish I would have known about Battlefield 2, it would be the fact that they – like Battlefield 1942 – have an awesome mod community. I mean obviously I had heard of some of the mods like Project Reality[link] – which never really interested me too much – however I didn’t know that a bunch of Battlefield 1942 mods moved over to Battlefield 2, such as Battlefield Pirates 2 and Forgotten Hope 2.

I have played around 190 hours of Forgotten Hope 2 since 2014 – the modification that could be considered a game in its own right – which means I have almost played Forgotten Hope 2 the same amount of time as the original game.

The mod called “Project Reality” which I assume most people have heard about was created by a development team at Black Sand Studios in 2005. The mod offered a more realistic approach on the modern shooter and was continually updated untill 2014 where EA and DICE dropped support of Battlefield 2. Afterwards the development team released their mod as a standalone game.

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