Blackwake review

Blackwake really reminds me of a modification for Battlefield 1942 called Battlefield Pirates, heack even Battlefield Pirates 2 for Battlefield 2! Perhaps because Pirate FPS games isn’t something that you come by very often. Battlefield Pirates was a modification which quite literally could have been the predecessor to this game, Blackwake – There was just something so satisfying about beating up people with a beer mug – especially since my dad was and still is a stupid alcoholic.

Blackwake (released 2017)
Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS focusing on teamplay and cooperation. You know what’s great about this game? It keeps your attention. I was actually playing this at work and completely forgot about the fact that my break was over.

Personally I really love the inclusion of dynamic weather (I mean what else is there to add in a ship game?)

I really wish there would be some proper large scale navy battles, I feel like it should be possible – I know Battlefield 1942 is turning 15 years old soon, but in that game we’ve been able to modify the servers to allow for up to 128 players – so far the largest battles I have available in Blackwake are with 54 players and 3 ships maximum, the largest being for a 16 player crew.

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