Fog of War review

Fog of War focuses on the Eastern Front during the “Great Patriotic War” which is a term used to describe many of the conflicts fought during World War II between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

Fog of War is a fresh breath of air compared to the other World War II games being released in 2017, primarily because it has multiple spawns and doesn’t feel as crammed as some of the other games.

The game includes a large number of vehicles, such as tanks and trucks. (Personally I really like the inclusion of the Medical truck – if it is actually a real thing – sometimes I dont think medics got the attention they actually deserved)

The game feels like a mix between Red Orchestra 2 and Squad at the same time, but it also feels a little bit arcade to me. I was sprinting – and felt as if I was running at walking speed. The first time I joined one of the official servers I accidentally teamkilled somebody shooting at me and got kicked for it which left me puzzled.

There’s  a ranking system within the game – and with it comes skills and perks which seems like a weirdly awesome idea, as long as they keep it balanced.

The game is being developed by Monkeys Lab and being published by Neokosmos Technologies Ltd, at the moment the game is a mix between Russian and English, I would like to read the mission briefing, but I simply can’t as it is in Russian.

The game is currently in Early Access.

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