Fallout Shelter review

The is a port from mobile to PC, there’s no doubt about it. I have to say, the concept of this game is really nice, but it’s nothing special. (haha, get it?) I knew about the game already since it was originally released in 2015, but it was just released on Steam as a Free to Play, I suspect some players might get disappointed when they realise it’s not a standard Fallout game by any means.

Personally I really like the art style of this game – Vault Dwellers drawn in the classical Vault Boy style – it goes really well with the Fallout theme as well, I love the fact that they included Nuka Cola (That’s my favourite thing in the game! Please Bathesda if you ever read this, SEND ME SOME FOR MAN! For review purposes only of course) While the graphics are great – the game does feel a little bit like there’s a lot of repetition. One of the cooler features I’ve noticed – at least in my opinion, is sending a dweller out to explore the wastland or having them complete quests – but it seems like you’re stuck doing pretty much nothing else while they’re out – because you literally have to wait for anything to happen, but because it’s actually the most fun to read the various events in the chatbox.

I set out on an adventure with my man, Matthew Lord, equipted with a T-45a Power Armor, a rusty shotgun and a parrot giving you 23% damage resistance, somehow, I was ready to go! There was no visual indication that my dweller was out, I completely forgot about him (and couldn’t revive him because I had no money left) so now he’s just left there to rot in the wasteland.

I feel as if I mismanaged my Vault a little bit – I didn’t actually know pregnant women could work.

You don’t seem to be able to pick S.P.E.C.I.A.L points for your dwellers, in order to improve theirs skills you will need areas such as the “weight room” and “classroom” which improves strengh and intelligence.

One of my pregnant dwellers is ready to give birth! By default the boys name was Christophe, but I named him “Whoopz” in my own honour. I got a quest to deliver a baby dweller right after he was born of course.

Dwellers need food and water in order to stay healthy, if you run low on food the dwellers health will start to deteriorate over time, the higher level the dweller is, the more health he/she has. Running low on water will permanently lower the dwellers maximum hitpoints – due to radiation – untill treated with RadAway.

The game does feel a little grindy, but I think that’s just how it’s it’s meant to be, thus far I’ve had a couple of disasters (failing a rush and random fires) but they seemed to almost instantly disappear – I don’t know if it was due to the fact that I had my man, in there at the time.


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