Mount & Blade: Warband review

Developer(s): TaleWorlds Entertainment
Release year: 2010

I recently discovered Mount&Blade again, however I have never actually played Warband much, it must be one of my all time favorite medieval warfare games.

They included a feature I think everyone wanted from the original game – which is nice – the abilty to actually name your own kingdom, as well as being able to customize the colour of it.

They improved upon the combat from the original a lot – perhaps a little bit too much to be honest – I find it harder in Warband to judge where to hit the enemy, the horse combat feels weird and finicky.

They’ve even included some polictics into the game now, as you can gain “right-to-rule”
a feature that let other lords respect you more as a ruler – and not just consider you
a warlord, you can marry people for love or political gain. (although to be honest I have never actually tried it)

They added a storyline – which was never part of the original game.

DLC: M&B Warband includes 2 DLCs, Viking Conquest and Napoleonic Wars.

I have the Viking Conquest DLC, unfortunately there was so many things wrong with it, when it was first released that they made a mayor overhauling update for it.

I really like the DLC, you can tell that they’ve added a lot of time and effort into it, it adds even more new features, as well as new locations, but there’s still problems with it – one thing is the language – which people complained about even before the Reforged Edition update.

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