Squad review

Squad is all about realism, it uses the Unreal Engine 4 and it reminds me a lot of an improved version of Battlefield 2, in the sense that there’s (obviously) squads and you work together as a team in order to capture checkpoints. It comes as no surprise that the game is developed by people from a mod in the aforementioned game, called Project Reality.

While Squad takes a lot of inspiration from Project Reality there’s also a lot of new features such as full body awareness, leaning, weapon sway and the ability to drag your wounded and fallen teammates to safety.

The gunfights can feel really intense at points, it also gave me that “calm before the storm” feel, but when I played the first time it seemed like my squad leader had no idea what he was doing, so we had to spawn in our main all the time which made a lot of my playtime just running around – I played during a free weekend of the game. I’m actually considering buying it now.

Thus far the game includes 5 factions: The British Armed Forces, Russian Armed Forces, United States Army as well as Insurgents and the Militia (which seem to be generic Middle Eastern rebels) all the classic factions of every war game ever.

The construction of stuff can be a little confusing at times, it probably isn’t a great idea to have your entire team looking into the ground with shovels, but it adds a nice feel for the game, however, it’s not really obvious that some stuff requires other stuff in order to work. For instance I placed down a FOB (Forward Base) so my squad could spawn and got told that I also needed a truck, to place a bunker and various other stuff in order for it to actually work.

There’s VoIP in the game, which in most cases is equal to trolls or 10 year old kids, but in this game most of the people I talked to seemed nice. Once there was an APC on the field though I could barely hear what was talked about in-game.

The game supports 50vs50 players. There’s 2 gamemodes in the game (but only one seem to be popular at the moment) Advance and Secure (AAS) and Insurgency (INS)

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A WWII mod called Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh is currently being developed for the game as well. (I have heard rumors that it has caused quite a bit of controversy as it will likely cost money to play it)

If you are really into realitic hardcore shooters it’s a great game, but what disappoints me is the fact that it doesn’t add anything new to the genre – It can be fun even if you’re not into hardcore games, I played for almost 3 hours straight and had tons of fun, I would consider myself quite an addict now.

I never knew desert maps could be fun, as they have always been shit in any Battlefield ever. The game runs really smooth, but I was also playing on low at the time. The maps feel original and extremely detailed, there’s a lot of areas where you think that you’ve reached some kind of checkpoint, but it turns out to be in the middle of nowhere.

I only fell out of the map one time!

The vehicles look extremely detailed compared to other games – specifically the american humvee, even from the inside. I fell out of the map once when I left an APC but that’s about it. Unfortunately no helicopters yet, which I think would add so much to this!

I wish they would include proper tanks – not just APCs – can you imagine having a tank crew drive around, even though it probably would be too complicated? I feel like adding destructable buildings would also be a goal in the long run.

It would be easy to say that it feels like you are better off playing this game with friends, rather than just random people, which is still think is true to some extent, but it’s actually really fun playing with strangers.

When I played there was around 8000-10,000 players online. However the numbers could be a little deceiving as I played during a free weekend.

Squad is currently available on Steam in Early Access, Alpha 9.


Developer(s): Offworld Industries
Publisher(s): Offworld Industries
Release year: 2015

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