Mini Metro review

Developer(s): Dinosaur Polo Club
Publisher(s): Dinosaur Polo Club
Release year: 2015

Mini Metro is one of my “go to” games, when you want to think, but not think too much. It’s nice, calm and relaxing. A fun little casual game, that is actually quite addicting and can be competitive at times.

I could easily find myself pulling this up at work, it proves that games doesn’t always need good graphics in order to be good.

The premise of the game is simple, connect the dots – or rather don’t connect the dots, but connect squares, triangles, circles and whatever other special icons there may be in order to pick up passengers.

Each station (symbolized by an icon) spawns various diffrent passengers wanting to go to other stations, the simulation runs untill there’s so many passengers that you cannot pick them up any longer.

I wanted to suggest Copenhagen as a map.

My primary complaint would be that I would like to see some more advanced maps, so far theres 12 within the game – you unlock them by transporting a certain amount of passengers on the previous map – I would be interested to see what kind of maps the community could come up with as well.

I remember when it was first released they held a map competition. I think Copenhagen could’ve been such an awesome choice because of the various canals, as well as the fact that Copenhagen has one of the most modern metro systems in Europe.

The game was originally only released on PC, but has also moved on to phones and ipads.

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