Heroes & Generals review

There has never been a lot of big games to come out of Denmark, but Heroes & Generals has to be one of the biggest in recent years along with INSIDE.

The game is a nice mix between a real time strategy game and a first person shooter, I actually got quite addicted to the game in the beginning stages when I first started playing.

The game does get grindy – which I think is fair enough since afterall it is a free to play game, you can pay for stuff, but you can also unlock that stuff by simply playing the game long enough. If you enjoy the game, and don’t want to pay, just play it.

I got excited when I got my first heavy tank, but the medium seems better overall.

Players get the ability to create and progress their own character, for instance you can play as a Rifleman, Sniper, Tank Commander and  Fighter Pilot.

The game has a finite number of resources during battles, for instance you only have x amount of tanks – something I actually really like. Each soldier is tied to one class only (so you can still play as infantry even if you run out of tanks)

The finite resources also cause problems though – When you have a finite amount of resources, such as tanks, how come its allowed to get spawn camped multiple times in the spawn? Is it really that hard to move the spawns of tanks somewhere outside of the combat areas so they arent baseraped constantly? They fixed this by making the tanks invisible untill you leave spawn, or fire your weapon, something I’m not a hugh fan of.

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