SimCity review

I had heard so many great things about SimCity, this was the first time I ever got to experience the game myself, and even at the release at that. I have got to say that I was extremely disappointed with SimCity when it was released back in 2013, and I still am. It feels like they didn’t listen to the complaints at all, and completely abandoned the game when Cities: Skylines was released.

Having to logΒ in to servers in order to actually play the game is probably one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of, I imagined myself playing this game casually at the summerhouse we rent every year, but I knew that wouldn’t be the case as I couldn’t even play the game without internet connection, something they have since then fixed (thank god)

Obviously one of the biggest disappointments is the mapsize – I loved watching people such as Yuttho build these extremely detailed roadnetworks, but what does it help if they fill up almost the entire map?

There’s some features that I really love about the game, like for instance the tourism system where they included tourist attractitions from all over the world, including RundetΓ₯rn (the Round tower) which had media hyped all over Denmark.

The multiplayer feature was nice as I got to enjoy the game with my sister from quite some time. Working together between each other to build a mega project was fun, but I was left with the feeling that these areas could have been a nice new city tile area.

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