Urban Empire review

Finally – a game mixing politics and citybuilding, a game that I thought I was going to enjoy, but unfortunately I really didn’t.

In Urban Empire you take control of a “mayoral dynasty” whatever that means, for 200 years. I can’t say I’ve heard the term before, just because somebody becomes mayor doesn’t necessarily mean your children go the same route. You take control of the dynasty for 5 generations.

Urban Empire is a very unique game, in the sense that you don’t see a lot of games out there trying to mix the politics and city building, unfortunately both features seem to fall flat. The city building is very simplitisc and the political aspects just aren’t really there – despite this was supposed to be the main selling point of the game. As long as you have somewhat positive cashflow which you can get quite easily the politicians will always vote for you.

Overall I like the concept, but I dislike the execution unfortunately.

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