BLOG: Minecraft Server Announcement

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I have been streaming Minecraft as of late, something I never thought I’d be doing. Not because I don’t enjoy the game – but I simply thought it was too big for me, whom would discover me through Minecraft when there’s so many other streamers out there?

As it turns out – quite a few people found me, my Twitch channel hit an all time record of average viewers in January 2019. My Discord server has never been more active. And I invite you to join it!

In December 27th, 2018 I started my own server. We have since then changed server providers a few times – Trusted Game Servers offered me a free server, and I encourage anyone to join, as long as you follow the rules obviously. You can check out a map of the server here.

A member of my community – Indiana_Mark manages an Instagram for the server, which posts various pictures of builds around the server. It has become insta famous. Our current record is 616 likes on one of the pictures.

Some of us like lore and history surrounding the server, we have our own nations, as well as a wiki page with various history from the server.


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