BLOG: I’m moving

By the time you’re reading this… I’m probably busy moving my things to the new apartment. I still haven’t seen it yet (as of writing this) but I’ll make sure to include some pictures once everything has been setup properly.

I am indeed moving out for the first time in my life – it’s going to be very interesting. I still don’t really know what to expect. I think of it as a little bit like the Sims. I’m still wondering if I’ll know how to feed myself, or if I’ll crash and burn down the house immediately.

Gamer crip here I come(?) I always imagined I’d be moving out with someone like a girlfriend or something, but at the moment I’m moving in by myself which is fine enough as well I guess, hopefully this should mean no more disturbances from my family or noices in the background while I’m streaming which should be nice. I’m still trying to improve my stream as much as possible, even though I do get burned out occasionally.

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