An honest Battlefield 3 review

I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 on my Twitch channel[link] lately. Although truth be told, I wouldn’t actually recommend it on PC.

I stopped playing the game for a while, because I literally couldn’t install it. I uninstalled the game originally because my punkbuster kept kicking me. The I wanted to install the game again. Origin wouldn’t let me. I got some error message. 327684:2. It’s not the first time I’ve had issues with Origin – the last time I tried to install the game it wouldn’t detect my DLC Back 2 Karkand, which was literally included with my Limited Edition version of the game.

When the game actually works it’s great. I’ve always enjoyed the infantry gameplay, albeit mostly being a tanker myself. It’s great, the gameplay in Battlefield 4 doesn’t really compare that well imho.

Another thing I actually really like is the campaign, but even more so the fact that they added Co-operation, something they removed again for Battlefield 4 for some reason. It was really refreshing being able to try something new similar to a campaign with a friend.

The levels are absolutely horrendous, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry over these redicilous maps, where it seems like all the time either you have all the flags, otherwise you have none of the flags, there’s no in between. The game never really feels balanced, and when it does it comes as a surprise. I never really understood why people liked Metro so much, it’s probably the worst of the bunch with constant nadespamming and RPGs.

Overall the game is fun and enjoyable, until it stops working again. I’ve actually heard good things about the game on console. You can catch my frequent streams on my Twitch[link].

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