Battlefield Vietnam: Still alive.

Probably one of my biggest surprises this year. Battlefield Vietnam is still alive. I've seen as many as 20 players active and I've been having a bunch of fun playing it lately. Sadly you won't be hearing the good old songs, because they're copyrekt. Instead you'll be stuck with me singing! (just kidding) You can … Continue reading Battlefield Vietnam: Still alive.

Battlefield Vietnam: On the rise again?

The last time I made a post about Battlefield Vietnam was in March 2017, I recently discovered a newly formed community Fireside Gaming Community trying to revive the old game. They have been hosting events during the weekends, and even though I wouldn't consider it a complete success yet, up to 32 diffrent players joined … Continue reading Battlefield Vietnam: On the rise again?

Custom Maps: “Strasbourg” by Black Mamba

Developer(s): Black Mamba Release year: 2017 Strasbourg is a french town close to the German border. Annexed by them in 1870, then by the French in 1918 and then again by the German in 1940. On 1 March 1941, after a victory by the Free French Forces against Italian in Libya, the soldiers took the … Continue reading Custom Maps: “Strasbourg” by Black Mamba

Galactic Conquest: Events!

After an overwhelmingly positive response to the events held the last couple of Saturdays,[link] has decided to hold similar weekly events every Saturday on their GC 8.1 server starting from around 12 PM EST/5 PM CET. Additionally they invite everyone to join their Community Discord server, which you can find an invitation to here[link] as … Continue reading Galactic Conquest: Events!

Interstate 82: Easter Event 15.04.17

Hey guys, this is just an informational post, letting you know that the Interstate 82 mod guys will be holding an event on Saturday, April 15th 2017. There has been talks about a map pack for new players. You can find more information about the mod and the event in general here[link] as of the … Continue reading Interstate 82: Easter Event 15.04.17