Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wont be found in Russia

Call of Duty: the best selling shooter series in the world, will no longer be found on the Playstation-store in Russia.

An honest Battlefield 3 review

I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 on my Twitch channel[link] lately. Although truth be told, I wouldn't actually recommend it on PC. I stopped playing the game for a while, because I literally couldn't install it. I uninstalled the game originally because my punkbuster kept kicking me. The I wanted to install … Continue reading An honest Battlefield 3 review

Battlefield Vietnam: Still alive.

Probably one of my biggest surprises this year. Battlefield Vietnam is still alive. I've seen as many as 20 players active and I've been having a bunch of fun playing it lately. Sadly you won't be hearing the good old songs, because they're copyrekt. Instead you'll be stuck with me singing! (just kidding) You can … Continue reading Battlefield Vietnam: Still alive.

Battlefield Vietnam: On the rise again?

The last time I made a post about Battlefield Vietnam was in March 2017, I recently discovered a newly formed community Fireside Gaming Community trying to revive the old game. They have been hosting events during the weekends, and even though I wouldn't consider it a complete success yet, up to 32 diffrent players joined … Continue reading Battlefield Vietnam: On the rise again?

Being a good medic in Squad

If there's something I really hate about video games, especially most shooters nowadays, it's the limitation of classes. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a good squad in Squad, there's some classes I have never actually played because they have always been occupied by others (apparently because they're better or some shit) which makes me feel sort of left out. Today I played medic for the first time.