Squad review

Squad is all about realism, it uses the Unreal Engine 4 and it reminds me a lot of an improved version of Battlefield 2, in the sense that there's (obviously) squads and you work together as a team in order to capture checkpoints. It comes as no surprise that the game is developed by people … Continue reading Squad review

Inside earns 4 awards at BAFTA

If you didn't know already, I am from Denmark, not a lot of games come out of Denmark, those which do are rather small, most video game companies here don't aim big enough in my opinion. So it was quite pleasent surprise when the BAFTA's were announced and Inside - the game developed by Playdead … Continue reading Inside earns 4 awards at BAFTA

Custom Maps: “Strasbourg” by Black Mamba

Developer(s): Black Mamba Release year: 2017 Strasbourg is a french town close to the German border. Annexed by them in 1870, then by the French in 1918 and then again by the German in 1940. On 1 March 1941, after a victory by the Free French Forces against Italian in Libya, the soldiers took the … Continue reading Custom Maps: “Strasbourg” by Black Mamba

Mount & Blade: Warband review

Developer(s): TaleWorlds Entertainment Release year: 2010 I recently discovered Mount&Blade again, however I have never actually played Warband much, it must be one of my all time favorite medieval warfare games. They included a feature I think everyone wanted from the original game - which is nice - the abilty to actually name your own kingdom, … Continue reading Mount & Blade: Warband review

Galactic Conquest: Events!

After an overwhelmingly positive response to the events held the last couple of Saturdays, 1942mods.com[link] has decided to hold similar weekly events every Saturday on their GC 8.1 server starting from around 12 PM EST/5 PM CET. Additionally they invite everyone to join their Community Discord server, which you can find an invitation to here[link] as … Continue reading Galactic Conquest: Events!

Interstate 82: Easter Event 15.04.17

Hey guys, this is just an informational post, letting you know that the Interstate 82 mod guys will be holding an event on Saturday, April 15th 2017. There has been talks about a map pack for new players. You can find more information about the mod and the event in general here[link] as of the … Continue reading Interstate 82: Easter Event 15.04.17

Custom Maps: “Battle of Kachanivjansk” by B2K

Developer(s): Born2Kill 007 Release year: 2017 A new custom map was recently finished, made by -=TL=-Born2Kill this is "Battle of Kachanivjansk" also known as "Dnjepr" (no idea how to pronounce it) We recently played a test match for it within the BF-League community, the map is made for a smaller crowd from around 6vs6 to 10vs10, centered around … Continue reading Custom Maps: “Battle of Kachanivjansk” by B2K